Qualident aligners are invisible and transparent . These invisible aligners are less noticeable, comfortable, and convenient to use. Without any trouble, they help you to straighten your teeth. With the help of clear aligners, you don't compromise your daily diet.

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Clinically Effective

Qualident aligners is a USA FDA-approved brand with result proven.

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User Friendly

You can take aligners out whenever you want to eat your favorite food but with braces, you scarify your favorite food. Very convenient to remove your aligner and wear it back. It is proven that you can wear your aligner even while sleeping.
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About Us

Qualident Aligners - You smile, I smile, We all smile!

With Customized 3D treatment planning including painless & Effective results, Qualident Aligners are Designed by our in-house orthodontist and an Ortho specialist Technician. To Lesser Turn around time & lesser chair-side time, we are the most trusted brand.

Each splint is fabricated in such a way that they move your teeth as per the treatment planning.its has aided its clients with a comfortable and transparent solution. Each set of aligners are worn for two weeks. As you work your way through, your teeth will straighten until your smile matches the position designed by our expert.

3D Simulation Planning

After the impression and case record are provided to us, we proceed with the 3D treatment planning. These files are sent further for the case Discussion.  Based on the 3D treatment planning & a case study, Qualident Aligners gives you a successful result for your case. with such comfortable and easy treatment for your misaligned teeth it’s very realistic to go for the aligner treatment.

With 3d simulation planning, you can foresee your treatment progress. Once you proceed with the treatment planning we fabricate your aligners. With the help of this digital planning and Qualident aligners, The teeth are aligned and you have your accurate bite.

Before / After - Case Reference for Qualident Aligner

Once digital scanning is done your case is sent for treatment planning Your case is designed with our special software. Our 3D Simulation planning helps you to foresee your treatment progress. From this 3D planning, you come to know about your number of aligners along with the estimated time for your treatment.

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Qualident Aligner Treatment for Orthodontic Correction



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Why Qualident Aligners?

Qualident aligner is part of Qualident Dental Laboratory, a Dental lab for the last 25 year, qualident dental lab is one of the leading manufacturers of dental prosthesis in the MENA region. The Lab Specializes in Aligner and other ortho products.

We follow the latest technology to offer you the best and up to date solution for your patients.

We do treatment plans,model printing and manufacture the Aligner, and offer a full dental service solution. Qualident Aligners intensify both the doctor and patient’s experience.

Get your impression

You send us 3D scan files or a physical Impression

Case Discussion

An expert team at our lab will need to take a closer look at your teeth.

3D planning

We will share the 3D teeth straightening plan showing how your teeth will gradually straighten with each sets of aligners.


We will Fabricate the aligners as per the 3D treatment planning


The aligners will be delivered directly at your Clinic

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